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Do you believe in the luck of the Irish?

Do you feel lucky? Is today a day that inspires you to be creative? I feel lucky everyday. But I believe we make our own luck, and good fortune. I feel life is an everyday chance to make the most of what can be, and what I want it to be. I create my own […]

A Stores Greatest Asset

Sometimes I think I overlook the greatest asset of my store.  I’m so busy unpacking new merchandise, double checking inventory, being sure everything has a price tag, stocking the shelves, rearranging the shelves….  So much to do, so little time and the store itself is not the greatest asset, it’s our customers.  The stores there […]

Shout-Out To My Ladies 50 and over!!!!!

My girlfriend called me the other day sounding a little down. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she’d received an application for AARP in the mail, and didn’t like to think she was now “old.” “Old???”, I asked. “Are you kidding me? Baby, we are in our PRIME!” Remember how life was […]

New Beginnings

Happy New Beginning Day! That’s what I’m calling today. I’m looking at things in a positive way, and hoping you all do, too! So, our country is starting a new phase, why don’t we? Is there something you’ve been wanting to try, decorating-wise? Do you have a longing to experiment with new colors or fabrics? […]

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