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How do you manage when your passion and skills collide?

Not everyone has this marvelous mesh of passion and skill. For some of us it’s a struggle when what we love to do (our passion), and what we’re good at doing (our skill), don’t mesh at all. In those instances, how do you cope? What can you do to make your life easier?

Who are you?

Do you put a label on yourself? I do. Sometimes I catch myself saying, “I’m just a mom” or “I’m just a painter”. But when I think about these statements, I realize I’m putting myself in a box, categorizing myself as “just” one thing. The truth is we are all diamonds!! We are all multi-faceted works of art.

Don’t Give Up if You Aren’t “There” Yet

Life is a journey that we are all on, separate and together. You may have an idea of how you want your journey to go, and where you’d like it to take you along the way, but God has already determined those things. Have you ever heard the saying, “Grow where you are planted?” God will place you exactly where you need to be, at exactly the right time, for the next portion of your journey to fall into place. I firmly believe this.