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Tami loves…Blogging from the Heart.

Would you like to write a blog or start interacting more on Facebook? Do you struggle with what to say and how to say it? Do you worry that you’ll use the wrong words or the wrong grammar? Well, I don’t worry about those things! I just go for it. I talk from my heart. […]

Tami loves…COLORS!

Colors: How do they make you feel? Have you ever noticed how women and men perceive colors differently? Ask a man to tell you what color you have on and he’ll probably say “Blue.” Ask a woman the same question and she’ll say you’re wearing cobalt, sapphire, navy, baby, sky, robin’s egg, or perhaps periwinkle […]

Let’s Talk Restaurants!

Does your favorite restaurant depend on the atmosphere or just the food? The other evening my husband surprised me by taking me out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. While we sat and talked over our drinks, waiting on the appetizers, I looked around the room, I mean really looked at it and […]