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Mom: a never-ending journey.

When you’re young and dreaming of having a baby, you’re in a certain place in your life. You’re ready for this next phase to begin. Your friends are getting married and having babies, and you want to begin the journey of motherhood, too. You finally find out you’re pregnant and you’re feeling this special feeling […]

Valentine’s Day Boxes

Roses are red, tulips are pink, and today’s Valentine boxes are more complex than you think!! The pressure is on for building valentine boxes… Do you remember as a kid, your Valentine boxes were just decorated with pretty papers and stickers and glitter wrapped around a shoebox with the hole in the top? If your […]

Monthly Shopping/Monthly Savings

Did you know there are certain months that you can buy certain things and save money? I’ve been reading up on this and it seems to be true. Here is what I’ve found: In the month of January of course we’re buying Super Bowl snacks like dips and frozen appetizers, pizza, chips and beer, but […]